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elmanzoma entrepreneurial Strategy - إستراتيجية موقع المنظومة لريادة الأعمال

Our Strategy

elmanzoma is a platform - non-profit - for entrepreneurship and project management and therefore the team's work plan is focused on investing in these aspirants for entrepreneurship in the field of education and rehabilitation and providing all the tools necessary to manage its project

elmanzoma business plan - خطة عمل المنظومة

Our Planing

We work to become the destination of every entrepreneur, by providing all the elements and tools of project management that reduces the risk levels of capital to a minimum.


About Us

Teamwork divides the task and double the success""

This famous phrase was like the fuel that launched "elmanzoma" to work and consolidate our faith in our strength and the meaning of working as one team. After a long journey of experiences (a long journey of failure as they call it) that lasted for more than 12 years, we realized that success comes better and faster when you work with others.

Our idea was to eliminate all the causes and obstacles that kill the aspiration of every ambitious entrepreneur before even starting to them work , by providing all elements and requirements of entrepreneurship such as training - marketing - sales - team work - advice and support - adding value - market studies - competitors analysis - creating a vision and plan - modern e-marketing - workshops - place - suppliers - contracts - time..etc for free and for free as literally means the word.

elmanzoma is a nonprofit platform for entrepreneurship and project management

We aim to be the first platform for entrepreneurship in the Arab world by 2022

Our Greatest Team