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  2. Terms of Services

When you use our website elmanzoma.com, mobile applications, browser extensions, or related services, you trust us with your personal and non-personal information. This policy applies to personal and non-personal information that you share with us through your activity on elmanzoma.com and includes :


  Usage policies

The purpose of visiting the site: Your site is providing services for small projects for marketing and selling, supporting entrepreneurs, and providing suppliers in various fields determined by the market orientation

When the site has the right to close the account

The site administration has the right to close any account that violates the requirements of the system and public morals in  writing its articles or any user of fake accounts or every account that uses piracy or suspicious operations . 

The user’s right to promote and use the site’s products and services 

  Once you join the site’s team by creating a new user account, we provide you with all the support tools for you as a business leader of products and services and you have the right to promote them in your name and in the name of your account on the site, and you are also entitled to use all the available website tools that It is advertised on the main pages of the site as a continuation of training, marketing, products, services, creation of your articles, etc

Definition of the nature of the work and identity of the site 

The system site works in the field of entrepreneurship and start-up of projects and marketing in all its forms and training. If you are interested in one of these areas then you can start with us , and terms and conditions apply to you and you can create your free account and be a member of our team

Shipping methods 

 The site administration contracts with companies to ship some of its products, whether products of the site or the products of other suppliers, and therefore all of your sales operations apply to them terms and conditions in our dealings with shipping companies, the site is your representative with those companies in the processes that are done by us, and that is completely different If you process that through your own way.

Return policy 

   As is common in real stores and what is stipulated in the Consumer Protection Law, the consumer has the right to replace or return the product or commodity that he purchased within 14 days if it is defective or does not conform to the specifications or the purpose for which it was contracted. As for what For cases of exchange and return outside the conditions of non-conformity with specifications or defective, the customer will bear the cost of shipping.

Payment policy 

   The site currently follows the safe payment method upon receipt until the electronic payment process is updated within the next few months. The launch of this method will be announced clearly on our main pages

  The currency's price when transferring and paying or the financial maturity is at its global price at the time of the financial transaction and not with any retroactive effect . 

Policy for entitlement to commissions resulting from the sale process 

As mentioned in the item on the nature of the site’s work, the site administration provides you with a lot of suppliers for the products and service providers so that we are the link between you as an investor and the service provider or the product and thus we apply to you all its provisions and conditions that differ from one company to another. We must notify you the terms and conditions of each company and your representation before them as a member of our team, sales and marketing commissions are announced on each product and service and are due by their providers and as we mentioned the site management represents you in front of them as a first contractor and to ensure that it is owed to you